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a8elaunch1112Teachers! Activate your primary school today by downloading the new Activ8 Eatwell resources for free!

Following an exciting and inspiring summer of sport, an energising new initiative, designed to promote healthy and active lifestyles to children, is now available for all primary schools in Northern Ireland.

The Activ8 Eatwell initiative includes a comprehensive teaching resource, which encourages a whole school approach to learning about the importance of eating well and keeping active to stay healthy.


Produced in partnership between Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland and Sport Northern Ireland, Activ8 Eatwell is available to download now by registering at

Activ8 Eatwell provides a complete package of teaching tools linked to the Northern Ireland curriculum. It is designed to help teachers equip children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes they need to make active and healthy choices throughout their life to benefit themselves, others, society and the environment.

Ruth Balmer, FSA in NI, said:
“Activ8 Eatwell is a unique project because it addresses both healthy eating and physical activity at the same time. We hope this approach can really make a difference to young people and that at the end of the programme they will feel fitter, healthier, and more positive – and most importantly of all, they have had fun!”

Once registered, teachers can download a complete package of three resource manuals for Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, covering the entire Northern Ireland curriculum. Each manual is a six-week programme of lesson plans, activity ideas and downloadable templates. Sport Northern Ireland’s Acting Chief Executive, Nick Harkness, commented:

“The London 2012 Games have been hugely inspiring for everyone in Northern Ireland. The Activ8 Eatwell initiative allows us to build on the legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and ensure that all primary school children understand the benefits of eating well and being active."

“Driving increased participation in sport, especially with young people is a key objective for Sport Northern Ireland. The long-term benefits are very exciting and Activ8 Eatwell ensures that we create a legacy of participation in sport from childhood right through to adulthood. To combine physical activity with healthy eating is an excellent opportunity for us to help keep children healthy in the long term.”

Find out more about Activ8 Eatwell  or download the new Activ8 Eatwell Teachers ResourcesCheck out our new Activ8 Eatwell Video.







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