Sprocket Rocket—A Fun Way to Help Kids Hone Their Cycling Skills

Sprocket RocketSport Northern Ireland/Activ8 has teamed up with Cycling Ireland to produce a Sprocket Rocket info card.

Designed for teachers inspired by the Giro d'Italia to bring cycling to their schools, the card outlines games and activities, which can be delivered by teachers as an introduction to Sprocket Rocket—Cycling Ireland's fundamental cycling skills programme for children age 5–11.

A Sprocket Rocket session focuses on four basic cycling techniques: balance, braking, cornering, and pedalling. The young rider is brought through three progressions in each of these skills. The programme has a strong emphasis on fun learning and supportive coaching, whilst instilling confidence and competence in kids on bikes.

The Sprocket Rocket information card for teachers can be downloaded here.

For more information about the Sprocket Rocket programme, visit Cycling Ireland's website.







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