The Giro d'Italia is over, but the fun of cycling goes on

Baby cryingThere's no need for tears just because the Giro d'Italia is over! Celebrating and engaging in cycling is a lifelong pursuit, with years and years of health and fitness ahead of you! Activ8 continues to visit primary schools, training pupils in Sprocket Rocket cycling games and techniques, as Wildcat mascots—Twist and Bounce—maintain their busy schedules through to the end of school term.

Take a look at the collection of schools we've been visiting throughout the Giro season, with many more school visits to attend during June. Watch for more photos as they're added to the media pile.

And don't despair...Twist and Bounce are planning future school visits—sharing the message of Activ8's good eating, active travel, and overall healthy living for all children and into adulthood.

So wipe those tears away, hop on your bike, and fly, my pretties, fly!







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